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How Do You Contact Facebook Customer Care to Report a Problem?

Facebook.com is one of the prominent social media sites with more than 2 billion active users. Since last many days, many users are facing troubles related to account security like data breach or privacy issues that have increased to a huge extent. Apart from this, they’re more concerned about the Facebook account deletion, forgotten username or password, Facebook account hacking or disabled issues on a sudden basis
Facebook is quite serious about these issues and ever ready to offer immediate assistance to users.


Facebook support contact telephone helpline is 650-543-4800 and their contact email is support@facebook.com, but please note it’s highly likely you won’t receive a response to your inquiry via these channels.


As if you're a Facebook user, fetching help is somewhat possible for you. All you just need to submit a request from facebook.com/help. Just follow the instructions as enumerated below:

  1. Scroll down to look for help option and click on it
  2. Navigate to option "Policies and Reporting"
  3. CLick on the issues that you're facing
  4. Find the link that actually means "report it"
  5. Fill out the form to report the issue. (There's always a unique form to report different issues)

Solutions of General Facebook Problems That Keep Coming Across in Facebook Account.

Listed below are the certain general or complex Facebook issues that troubles the users a lot. Certain troubleshooting steps are provided from our end to help them get rid off those problems at ease.

How to Recover Your Facebook Password When You Have Forgotten it?

Facebook Password reset issues can be fixed in minutes if you apply the following steps.

  1. Go to the Facebook Login Page
  2. Click on Forgot Account?
  3. Search your Facebook account by email or phone number.
  4. Once found, fetch the security code through phone or email.
  5. Enter the 6 digit security code & Click on Continue Button.
  6. Now feel relaxed, Facebook account password has been Recovered

Still facing troubles while resetting password of Facebook account. Connect with Facebook Customer Support help desk professionals through Facebook Password Recovery Phone Number or Facebook live chat fix password recovery issues.

How to Change Your Facebook Password If You Have Forgotten Old Password?

As you are looking to change password If have forgotten the current one, first you need to Reset the Password click on “Forgot your password?” Do make sure, that you have access to the registered email address or recovery phone number to receive the security code.

Change Facebook password, If you have the Current Password

  1. Click on Drop arrow drop arrow than click on settings page
  2. Look for Security and Login & Click on it
  3. Now Click on edit option
  4. Provide the current password and new password twice
  5. Finally, press the button “Save Changes”

Any difficulty!! Facebook Technical team can help you to change or reset your account.

Is Facebook Actually Involved in data breach ?

Facebook data breach issues have quite prominent these days and this is actually due to the negligence of the users. The third-party apps in Facebook like poker games, 8 ball pool; stores the essential data of the users like FB login id and password and grab all the details like age, gender, location and images.

How Can I Secure My Personal Data on Facebook?
Tips :- It’s an effective tip for the users to unsubscribe from those applications on a timely basis and use the email id to sign-up with those apps through official website if it is actually required. Incase, any of the user is unable to unsubscribe from the third party apps listed in Facebook, taking assistance from the Facebook Help Support team.


What To Do If Your Facebook Aaccount Is Hacked? How To Recover It?

Is case it seems like your Facebook account is compromised, Report it immediately and regain its access through recovery email address or phone number.

Follow the essential steps to Retrive Hacked Facebook Account in no time:

  1. Click on the link “https://www.facebook.com/hacked”.
  2. In the new slide, click on the button “My account is compromised”
  3. Search for your Facebook account by entering the username or phone number or email address or profile name
  4. Once you’ve identified you account than Enter the currect or old password of Facebook as asked and click on continue
  5. The two options will appear on the screen to reset Facebook Password

    • Option 1 : If you have access to email or phone, then choose this option
      1. Tick on the radio button on email or phone of which you have access and press continue.
      2. Enter the code received on your email address or phone number and press continue to reset password.

    • Option 2: If you don’t have access to email or phone, then choose this option Click on the link “No longer have access to these".
      There are four cases to reset the Facebook password:
      1. Case1: Take help from trusted contacts (If you’ve already set the list of trusted friends)
      2. Case2: If you haven’t set the trusted contacts, then Facebook will display five random friends of which you need to collect security code from any three of them.
      3. Case3: In case, you can’t take help from your friends, then click on “I Can’t Log In” and fill up the form.
      4. Case4: Answering Security Question - This option is no more provided by Facebook at present.
      5. the on-screen instructions are followed correctly, Facebook will redirect you to the password reset page through which social acocunt access can be regained.
If you’re unable to recover Facebook hacked account connected with Facebook customer care experts

How To Enable/Reactivate Disabled Facebook Account?

In case your personal Facebook account is disabled, submitting appeal may help you re-activate the account in quick time.

  1. Click on submit an appeal.
  2. Enter your Login email address or mobile phone number
  3. Enter your full profile name
  4. Now upload your legitimate ID proof
  5. Enter the additional info in the box
  6. Press send button to submit an appeal
Activate Facebook Account

In case the disabled account is not getting activated despite making several attempts. Get immediate Technical support from live experts through Facebook toll free phone lines.

How You Can Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently Immediately?

As if you have no idea about deleting a Facebook account, then here are the certain steps that can actually help you do so.

  1. Click on the link provided here: facebook.com/help/delete_account
  2. Enter the password and captcha code
  3. Click next button
  4. A pop-up message appears to confirm the Facebook account deletion
Are you unable to get the facebook account deleted despite following these steps !! There must be techncial issues behind it. Get real time help from Facebook, that is available round the clock to connect with customer service professionals

How to Recover Facebook Deleted Posts and Videos?

Recovering deleted facebook posts and videos is quite easy. Just follow the following steps underlined below:

  1. Log in to Facebook account and Click on Drop arrow drop arrow than click on settings page
  2. Click on the link “Download a copy of Facebook data”
  3. Now select the data range to retrieve the data from the backup saved by Facebook
  4. Also, select the format in which backup needs to be taken (HTML or JSON)
  5. Once done, press the button create file
So it’s really easy to take the backup of Facebook lost posts and videos. In future, if anything similar to this happens, apply the very same process to recover lost facebook data. Get immediate assistance from the Facebook certified tech support engineers if you're not able to recover Facebook lost posts

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